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Bridal Store Collaboration (BSC) is a Wedding Realm platform where bridal stores help each other solve excess inventory and other problems. Bridal professionals can Sell, Purchase, Loan, or Swap bridal products and services with each other here. It is SUPER EASY to list your excess inventory! Literally, it takes a few clicks, and in about 60 seconds, your dress will be live in our database and available for other bridal stores to search, purchase, loan, or swap. The best part? IT IS FREE TO JOIN, and you can list as many dresses as you want for FREE. Nominal service fees apply only when items are sold/purchased. For more information or If you would like to upgrade your account for more services, see our plans and pricing page.

Hello Bridal Stores, if you find at least one of the following BSC services useful, then you need to request access to join our BSC community

Excess Inventory

A new season brings new gowns, but you only have so much room in your store. What do you do with the discontinued gowns from the previous seasons? BSC can help address this problem by matching you with other bridal stores that need your gowns. List your excess or discontinued gowns for FREE in our database today.

Product Quest

Are you in search of a particular dress? Make a special Request whether it is in our database or not. Chances are that some vendor has it in their inventory. Better yet, it may be a product they are happy to part ways with. It is a win-win situation! Don't lose a sale because you don't have the dress a bride is looking for, or because, for some reason, you need a specific dress in a hurry. Request it on Product Quest and let our community of vendors go to work for you. Request the gowns you are in search of on Product Quest today.


Gowns that don’t sell in your store might be a hot seller in another area. BSC can help address this problem. List the gowns you’d like to get rid of in our database today for FREE.

Imminent Weddings

Don’t lose a sale because the bride’s wedding is imminent, and the manufacturer does not have the gown in stock and can’t make it in time. Another store somewhere may have the gown in stock to ship to you right away. Search our extensive BSC database for FREE or Request it on Product Quest today.

Abandoned Gowns

BSC helps address the problem of abandoned gowns. For example, when a bride’s wedding is canceled, and she does not come back to pay her balance and abandons her gown. Another store somewhere may be looking for that very gown. Since you may already have the sample gown in your store, list the abandoned gown in our database today for FREE.

Mistakes Happen

BSC helps address the problem that happens if you ordered the wrong color or size gown for a bride and the manufacturer does not have one in stock. Search our extensive BSC database for FREE or Request it on Product Quest today.

Weight Fluctuations

If a bride’s weight fluctuates and her gown doesn’t fit anymore, another store somewhere might have the right size in stock. BSC can help make the connection. Search our extensive BSC database for FREE or Request it on Product Quest today.

Questions & Answers

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Join today and start listing your products or searching our database for FREE. See the picture below for a glimpse of what BSC looks like.

BSC Dashboard


We've noticed an uptick in appointments since joining Wedding Realm. Local brides tell us they found our bridal salon on the site. We upgraded our subscription and the $30 fee is a bargain. We also love that we can list our excess gowns for free on the BSC feature.


Bridal Trousseau

We're so appreciative for Wedding realm. Since claiming our page on the platform, we get inquiries that convert into appointments and subsequent sales. Joining is free, and that's very helpful for a small business like us. Thanks Wedding Realm!


Bridal Affection

The creators of Wedding Realm are incredible to work with. They are kind, professional and a real asset to the wedding industry. Whether it’s working with their two bridal shops or collaborating on Wedding Realm, I always enjoy teaming up with them!


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